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Our services can operate your data centre with maximized efficiency and safety.

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Foundation Services

With a wealth of technical resources and well-experienced engineers, Highsource Technology provides professional total solutions integrated products and services for enterprise customers to ensure the efficient and safe operation of the data centre across the life cycle.

Customer Benefits

  • 1. One stop shop solution

  • 2. Cost effective solution

  • 3. Customized and outsource deployment with enhanced flexibility and user experience

Services Scopes

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    Hardware and Software sales and leasing

    Mainstream software and hardware, as well as recycled products sales and leasing services.

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    Server room cabling

    Professional services for server room cabling, electricity, air conditioning, security and fire-fighting equipment deployment.

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    Network and security equipment deployment

    Proven quality service for a variety of mainstream network and security product upgrade and deployment.

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    x86 and small server deployment and expansion

    Factory standard services for mainstream server installation, configuration, expansion and upgrade services.

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    Storage device deployment and upgrade

    Factory standard services for mainstream storage installation, configuration, expansion and upgrade services.

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    Desktop PC and thin client deployment

    Tailored solution based on customer requirement for desktop PC and thin client bulk installation and deployment.

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    Mobile terminal deployment

    Tailored solution based on customer requirement for mobile phones, PDAs implement batch software installation and deployment.

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Operation and Maintenance Services

Highsource Technology provides a variety of infrastructure operation and maintenance services for the data centre of the enterprise customers with conventional, value-added and customized specifications. Partner with famous factories all over the world, we are equipped with professional technical capabilities, flexible SLA, multiple factory resources of products, including but not limited to servers, storage devices, database, allow customers to get away from the tedious daily operation and maintenance work within limited budget.

Customer Benifits

  • 1. Professional and flexible service to assure the service quality and experience

  • 2. One-stop multiple factory operation and maintenance service, preventive fault analysis and avoidance of finger pointing situation

  • 3. Positive service to make IT system stable and dependable

  • 4. Service provider in large scale to increase the quality and decrease the cost as well

Services Scopes

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    Remote support service

    Remote support can be an effective method to improve diagnostic quality and shorten troubleshooting time, hence result in enhanced customer satisfaction. Remote support is available via phone, mail, and remote connectivity tools to carry out remote fault diagnosis and troubleshooting.

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    Onsite diagnostics service

    Due to hardware failure unable to remotely resolved, field service engineer will be onsite with appropriate spare parts to complete repair or parts replacement.

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    Parts provision and onsite service

    Bringing together spare parts resources of global partners and a wide distribution of hubs, Highsource Technology is qualified for the parts provision and onsite service with flexible SLA, targeting global customers. 

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    System health check

    Highsource Technology offers log collection and analysis to HW and SW as well, with option to include system health evaluation, preventive maintenance and proactive problem solving.

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    System firmware and driver upgrade

    Highsource Technology provides proactive firmware and driver upgrades, in order to eliminate potential risk and improve system stability.

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    Operating System patch upgrade and system rebuild

    Highsource Technology provides patch upgrade service option to eliminate potential system risk, and offer complete system reinstallation service.

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    Scheduled onsite engineer and parts standby service

    Highsource Technology offers 5x9 or 7x24 options for engineers or parts onsite standby service, during public holiday or special occasions as option to meet demands.

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Professional Services

Based on the infrastructure operation and maintenance, Highsource Technology provides professional consulting and implementation services, to enhance the effectiveness of the data centre and meet the changing needs of IT. As a result, the enterprise customers can focus on their own business.

Customer Benifits

  • 1. To improve the availability of core business

  • 2. To provide the tools for preventive and predictive analysis and support efficient operation by automation

  • 3. Customized service to continuously improve data centre environments

  • 4. To follow the continued innovation and evolution of infrastructure with business and environmental changes

  • 5. Integration of multiple factory products and services to quickly meet customers’ business needs

  • 6. To implement future cloud platform or shared infrastructure

Services Scopes

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    IT infrastructure design and implementation

    Highsource Technology provides data centre design to implementation from scratch to complete, covering networks, servers, storage, backup and recovery, and information security etc. related services.

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    Application system design and implementation

    Highsource Technology provides application system solution according to analyzed user requirement.

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    Disaster recovery system design and implementation

    Highsource Technology provides customized disaster recovery solutions, such as storage replication, multi-point disaster recovery, multi-level data protection according to user standard requirement.

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    Enterprise WAN and LAN design and implementation

    Highsource Technology develops WAN and LAN design, integrating with enterprise scenarios and future development needs for a one-stop shop solution, including complete equipment supply, installation, deployment and ongoing maintenance.

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    Application and database platform deployment

    Highsource Technology provides mainstream applications such as Apache, Tomcat, Websphere, Exchange, etc., databases such as Oracle, SQLserver, MySQL, DB2, INFORMIX, etc. deployment and installation services according to customer needs.

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    Big data platform deployment

    Highsource Technology provides Hadoop, Yarn, Mapreduce, Mesos, Spark and other mainstream big data platform deployment services accordingly to customer needs.

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    System security vulnerability analysis

    Highsource Technology provides service on the user's system for security vulnerability scanning, and offer analysis report and recommended solution.

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    Patch analysis and upgrade service

    Highsource Technology provides service for user applications, databases, middleware, operating systems and other programs, generates analyze report for patches and upgrades recommendations.

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    System performance evaluation and optimization

    Highsource Technology provides optimization advice on customer data centre infrastructure, equipment type and quantity, evaluation based on data collection and findings.

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    System migration

    Highsource Technology provides the operating system migration services according to customer needs.

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    Server and desktop virtualization

    Highsource Technology provides sophisticated server virtualization services, such as P2V, V2V, V2P, as mobile office desktop virtualization services.

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    Data center monitoring and related services

    Highsource Technology provides comprehensive data centre monitoring services, offering life cycle performance, heath status and topology monitoring with fault alerts catching for servers, minicomputers, storage and network equipment.

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Outsourcing Services

Flexibly utilizing ITIL standard service management system, Highsource Technology outputs specialists of data centre operation and maintenance for the corporate customers with more comprehensive and standard delivery service than traditional IT service.

Customer Benefits

  • 1. One-stop migration from desktop to enterprise standard data centre

  • 2. Access to multi platform managed services with high efficiency level 2 and level 3 experts

  • 3. End to end support from labor, process, tool to platform, quality operation solution with dedicated resource

  • 4. Global standardization with single point of contact and improved service level

  • 5. Optimized datacenter operation and costing structure translate to customer's cost saving as a result

Services Scopes

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    Enterprise helpdesk management outsourcing

    Highsource Technology offers enterprise helpdesk management outsourcing services, including IT desktop deployment implementation services, IT desktop troubleshooting services, remote monitoring services, IT asset management services, application services and domain management, user ID management services, image management services, document management services, consulting services, training services. 

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    Enterprise data center IT outsourcing

    Highsource Technology enterprise data center outsourcing service include environmental management room, IT asset management, access control room, equipment troubleshooting, room-tasking, routine server room inspection and other customized services.

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    Enterprise IT operation and maintenance total outsourcing

    Highsource Technology operates with years of experience in large-scale data centre operations and modern service concepts, to provide a full range of enterprise IT operation and maintenance services on user's demand on hosts, storage, network devices, operating systems, middleware, databases, bandwidth, cabinet and other needs.

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    Application support outsourcing

    Highsource Technology provides tailored solution for small and medium business customer, focusing only on application performance and availability with our users worry-free solution.