Application Performance Management (APM)

This solution can build an overall IT system end-to-end visualised management platform, reduce complexity, increase efficiency and reliability of IT management, and ensure business systems are available around the clock.

Unified Monitoring Solution

a real-time visualized monitoring tool to enhance the efficiency of your operation and maintenance


Modern IT service applications can run in a complex hybrid environment, physically, virtually or in terms of security, application, etc. Such a highly distributed dynamic environment can boost efficiency but is difficult to monitor. To most enterprises, daily management of the IT infrastructure is always a dull and time-consuming task. The monitoring job seems all the more laborious today when data centers located in different places have multiple server racks and involve multiple device types and complex user modes.

The unified monitoring solution can integrate the management of IT equipment and applications into one platform, which reduces the complexity, makes IT infrastructure management more efficient and reliable, and thus ensures all IT devices function normally 24-7.

Value of the Solution-Specification

With a unified IT monitoring architecture, the unified monitoring solution supports full-range IT infrastructures and application services, which realizes unified event management, performance management, application traffic analysis, and network link quality monitoring. Moreover, it has laid a foundation for monitoring of operation and maintenance oriented towards services by offering an integrated platform based on business view, and supporting flexible, fast and customized extension mechanism and real-time warning mode.


1. Intelligent sensing and active early warning

collects the baseline according to the monitored target and actively raises the alarm so that measures can be taken in advance

2. Full monitoring coverage

from underlying server, storage, network equipment to OS, database, middleware

Database Monitoring Solution

a real-time visualized monitoring tool to enhance your database efficiency



With the business expansion of enterprises, their service environments are becoming more and more complex. Over 50% cases of sluggish application running are caused by the inefficiency of databases. Therefore, it is highly necessary for them to find an easy-to-use database monitoring tool.

The user interface of the database monitoring tool allows DBA, developers and IT operation & maintenance teams to easily get the general picture of database running and obtain professional recommendations on database optimization.

Value of the solution-specification

1. The solution shows the operation of all databases.

2. It displays statistical information: total wait time of the database (Total Wait Time), total wait time of each SQL statement, average wait time (avg Wait Time), SQL Text, number of executions of SQL (Executions).

3. It provides a comparative analysis of memory reading amount per second, disk reading and writing amount per second, and shows the impact of hardware resources on the overall performance of applications.

4. It monitors the currently active sessions (Currently Active) and blocked sessions (Blocked Session).

5. The solution can quickly locate the trouble and fault and thus save time and money for enterprises.

6. The real-time monitoring of the APM performance monitoring tool enables enterprises to quickly locate the cause of the trouble when the access to the business system becomes slow, such as unreasonable database design (DBA's fault), unsatisfactory SQL statement optimization (fault of development), and weak hardware performance (fault of the basic architecture team).




The solution supports various platforms, including Oracle, Microsoft SQL server, DB2 UDB, MySQL, SQL cluster, Backup SQL, Informix, MongoDB ,Redis, PostgreSQL, and SQLite.



Application Performance Analysis Solution

a real-time visualized application monitoring tool to enhance the efficiency of your applications

Nowadays, applications are becoming the lifeblood of business. These applications, once running mainly in the background, are now the most important means in business interaction-interaction with customers, channels, and supply chains. Revenues, user loyalty and brand image have never been so dependent on the performance of our applications like they are today.
With the continuous emergence of new-type digital enterprises featuring application-driven business, the dangerous blank area of visualization is expanding as well. Applications have never been so important and complex like they are now. Originating from the web browsers of ever-increasing devices, the application delivery chain, via the expanding cloud services, reaches multi-layered data centers located in different places after passing through various servers, services, message buses, mainframes, and databases. As the user's expectations grow, even a not-so-complex application delivery chain will give rise to higher requirements for speed and new functions. Applications are becoming faster, more flexible and thus require more modules and third-party services than ever before.

The user interface of the application performance monitoring tool allows developers and IT operation & maintenance teams to quickly get the general picture of application running. Once any exception occurs, they can be notified and locate the trouble in no time.




Value of the solution-specification
1. The solution tracks any transaction throughout the process
2. It tracks every transaction from click and method invocation all the way to the SQL statement executed in the infrastructure.
3. It offers a runtime analysis of the health condition of global or local distributed applications as well as their impact on user experience.
4. It displays clearly all services, layers and dependencies of all services as well as the real-time logical topology of inter-layer timing sequence.
5. It has extended visualization into other blank areas in the delivery chain: public cloud, third-party API, NGINX, VMware, mainframe components, etc.




The solution supports various platforms and applications, including web browsers, APP, Java, .NET, PHP, Node.js, Python and C++.


User Experience Management Solution

a real-time visualized tool for monitoring user access to applications to enhance the efficiency of operation and maintenance and aid business decision-making

The transformation from a service economy to an experience economy is a development trend of the times. The tremendous success of Apple's philosophy "user experience is king" is the best proof. Meanwhile, users are showing a growing interest in using services and applications that are highly interactive and attractive. In this experience economy, it is crucial for businesses to deliver pleasant experience from the perspective of customer perception. Winners of the ever more fierce market competition will be companies that bring about excellent user experience, meet user needs in good time, and provide more creative services.
Therefore, it is a key task for enterprises' survival and profit to effectively manage user experience during their usage of applications, improve customer satisfaction, and expand the user base.
-- More than 70% of problems are reported by users instead of by system monitoring tools.
-- More than 70% of scenarios that users complain about cannot be reproduced, making it difficult to solve the problems.
-- More than 30% of improvement plans by businesses are provoked by factors concerning user experience.
By managing user experience and monitoring service quality, the end-to-end user experience management solution can help enterprises overcome the difficulties in IT and services and get to users, which realizes fine operation and maintenance centering around better user experience.



Value of the solution-specification
1. Real user experience on mobile clients
-- The solution makes your APP always available.
-- It monitors real mobile user experience.
-- It improves back-end code execution by providing an analysis of front-end user behaviors.
-- It helps to timely detect and locate application crashes, slow loading and other failures and performance problems.
2. Thorough analysis of back-end service performance
It analyzes HTTP request performance corresponding to the App, including HTTP response time, throughput, HTTP error rate, which helps you optimize the performance of back-end servers.
3, Multi-dimensional data analysis
It offers multi-dimensional data analysis about carrier, region, access point, device and operating system, and gives you a clear picture of the complex environment.



The solution supports various kinds of mobile platforms: IOS, Android, Chrome, iMac, and Windows

Unified Management of Development and Operation (DevOps)

to help enterprises realize continuous delivery of application systems

We are living in an era of fast IT development. With the advent of three great inventions including cloud computing, big data and mobile Internet, enterprises are faced with not only the challenge from the transformation of IT infrastructure but also a task of how to ensure application quality and user experience. According to a market research firm, 25% of users will give up using a network app it fails to respond in three seconds; 90% of apps will be uninstalled by users after they have had bad experience with them.
How can we deliver applications to users more quickly? What should be done to improve the performance of applications in different aspects? How can we lower the cost of delivery while improving quality and user experience? Faced with these questions and challenges, DevOps is the best solution for enterprises. DevOps is a set of processes, methods and systems designed to facilitate communication, collaboration and integration between departments of development, technical operation, and quality assurance.


Value of the solution-specification
1. Four "C"s indispensable to DevOps
To put it simply, DevOps helps enterprises schedule resources more effectively and achieve faster delivery of applications.
The four key elements of DevOps are constraint-free development, continuous application delivery, complete monitoring, and collaboration between development and operation.

2. "Zero-touch deployment" application delivery
The four "C"s make up the DevOps application delivery solution and brings about a brand new concept-Zero Touch Deployment, which helps to realize continuous delivery.



New Relic for Azure
This solution can build an overall IT system end-to-end visualised management platform, reduce complexity, increase efficiency and reliability of IT management, and ensure business systems are available around the clock.

Application Performance Management (APM)

New Relic for AWS
You can benefit from the higher level of cost, technology and management in the process of the disaster backup / business continuity construction to avoid the risk of IT system interruption, assuring the stable business development of the enterprise.

Business Continuity Management (BCM)

New Relic for Azure
A group of senior certified architects rich in industry experience will offer professional services of cloud consulting, cloud migration, development support, and training.

Cloud Consulting (CLOUD)